the problem: guns are loud...


Q: Do guns have to be loud? #mutetech

If you're here, you probably have a strong affinity for the outdoors and you love shooting.  We sure do.  We also love and appreciate our hearing.  But our hearing is fragile, and damage is permanent.

Guns are inherently loud.  But with Mute technology, they don't have to be.  We make awesome silencers that help mitigate the boom.

Trust us, your ears (and your hearing) will thank you.


Q: What is sound? #boomscience

Sound is pressure. We hear pressure waveform.

frequency = pitch

amplitude = volume

An enormous amount of pressure (think amplitude), upwards of 65,000 psi, is generated in a center-fire rifle.  This is necessary to send your bullet screaming downrange at supersonic speeds.  This is great and all, but at what cost?  Well, to put it loudly, a huge BOOM.


A: Be A Gentleman. #silentmajority

Let's face it.  There's no reason to be loud and obnoxious in public.  Nobody likes a jackhammer smashing away outside their bedroom door.  And nobody enjoys loud guns.  Take your refined hipster gentlemanly manners to the gun range and just #getquiet already!

services: strategic oem

the mute mission

#buildwithmute #silencetheindustry

Our stance is compelling.  We vehemently disagree that guns have to be loud.  Guns should not be loud. Period.

Our views are uncommon.  We want to create a new norm.  Silencer ownership should be easy and attainable.  Suppressors should be the standard, not the fringe.

Our goals are lofty.  We want to extend silencer availability to the masses.  We want suppressors deregulated.  We want gentleman shooters - heaven forbid! 

Our mission is unique.  Bring OEM silencer products to strategic industry partners. Grow the industry. Become mainstream. Win together.


From start to finish, concept inception to production and market launch, Mute specializes in all things silencer development.  Whatever your needs, we've got you covered.


With in-house R&D resources and advanced manufacturing capability at our fingertips, Mute is the ideal partner to bring the suppressed lifestyle to your brand.

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